You NEED A Real Estate Show!
Get my 3 top reasons you NEED your OWN real estate show AND my simple 3-step formula that thousands of social media broadcasters use every single day to build huge audiences and create raving fans!
Stop Marketing! Stop Advertising!
You Need a Real Estate Show!
There are more agents, lenders and title options in today's world than there has ever been! 

Attention is the key to your business and can be CRUCIAL to your success. We now operate in an "Attention Economy". If you're still just running "this home is for sale" ads, "just sold" ads maybe even "generic neighborhood listing" ads on your social media platforms, or even worse you never did, then you may be destined to fail. At the very least, your not positioning yourself ahead of the pack.

People don't become passionate about Facebook ads. People don't buy from you, or your team, because you get them to "click your link" and collect the, hopefully correct, information they may give you.

They'll choose you, and your services, because you entertain them. You inform them. They see you as an expert in your field. Or maybe they just enjoy the way you tip your hat as to say "Howdy"... whatever!

Stop marketing! Stop advertising! Start Creating!


My name is Robert "Big Man" Evans, people all across the nation know me as the "Big Man in Real Estate", and now I'm sharing my knowledge as the Big Man in Marketing. I'm here to help Agents, Lenders and Title folks (hopefully with each others help) all across the nation create their own real estate show

I can help put you on the path to awesomeness.

The Real Estate Business is "Show Business"
Realtor Magazine 
"Whether it’s social media gurus or real estate trainers, they’re all saying the same thing: Video is vital for your success. In my opinion, if you’re not using video for your clients, you're doing them a disservice."

Tom Ferry
Not only is Tom Ferry known, and awarded for, as the #1 educator in real estate, for being in the industry for 3 decades and for a crazy amount of best selling books, he also has the most successful YouTube based real estate show in existence.
(Why do you think he started a real estate show?)

"In 2018 YouTube reached more 24 to 44 year-olds (key marketing demographic for us) than any TV network."

"As of 2019, people have watched more than 50,000 years worth of product/service review videos."
(What do you think your Real Estate Show could be about?)

Forecast & Trends
"Video accounted for 75 percent of all online traffic globally in 2017 and is predicted to reach 82 percent by 2022"
(According to current statistics, we're beating this forecast.)

Big Man in Marketing
"Video (having a real estate show) is no longer the future, it's the NOW!"
Guess what? The Big Man can totally help!
Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my educational video series about my successes learned after my many, many mistakes! 
"Stuff" like...
  • The 3-step process every social media mega star uses that we can apply to our Real Estate Show... This 100 year-old secret has made radio stations, TV networks, newspapers, and magazines BILLIONS of dollars throughout the years. Why shouldn't it work for us?
  •  The 4 things to do for your Real Estate Show BEFORE you ever go "LIVE"... Skip one of these and you may just keep spinning your wheels. I know thats what you're probably doing now. We've all been there.
  • The single MOST important thing any Real Estate Show has... HINT: It's not a microphone. It's not a camera. And it's not negotiable. Without this you may FAIL!!! OK, ok. Statistically speaking nothing is certain but the odds may not be in you favor. 
  •  How Agents, Lenders or Title Officers can entertain your audience even if you have the personality of an area rug... No a rock. Nooo a wet mop, or is it a wet paper bag. Either way, I digress. Inside is a quick and easy way to outsource entertainment and become a rockstar even if you have absolutely nothing interesting to say.
  •   The “Wheel of Fortune” trick that has kept them DOMINATING the ratings for 30 years... Gameshows are, and have been, "ground zero" for audience manipulation (lead generation). I discuss how we, in real estate, should "learn from the masters".
  •    The ONLY way you can get on the Top "Whatever” list... Top 30 blogs, most downloaded podcasts, YouTube trending videos... I'll show you the one thing you should be doing to get on any (or all) of them.
  •  Headline strategies that should quadruple your Real Estate Show's audience... I took an insanely expensive course on this. I'll teach you everything I learned from it at a fraction of the price.
  •  The BEST time of day to "broadcast" your Real Estate Show (YES! There is one.)...  Constantly get asked this question and inside is the best answer ever.
  •  How-to turn one Real Estate Show episode into 5 shows and QUINTUPLE Your Reach... By the way, "quintuple is 5X." Yes, sadly, I had to Google it and I'm a little sensitive about it.
  •  How-to get massive publicity for your Real Estate Show... There are tons of bloggers, and news reporters, and producers just DYING to tell the world about your show. I'll show you how-to find them.
  •  The broadcasting secret Radio Stations have been using for 100 years that should make your Real Estate Show HUGE... These secrets can help you dominate your competition and build an army of fans who keep coming back again and again.
  •  The “Content Volcano” that may guarantee your Real Estate Show never runs out of things to talk about... There is a place where you can find an endless flow of great content your audience craves. You'll "Lava" this!
  •  How to capture your audience and force them to pay attention to you... This is a "must-have" in our industry. "Fortune is in the follow-up" as they say
  •  How to leverage your Real Estate Show to get potential clients and partners to seek you out instead of you chasing them... Mega agents know their niche. We know where our clients come from and how we communicate with them. When your show is done right, it expanitially grows that process and that's worth learning!
And oh so much more...
In fact, with my twice-monthly live coaching calls and instant email access, you'll learn whatever you want from me and other successful "show makers" almost "on demand"...
Trust me when I tell you, the last thing we need is another "real estate podcast" talking about the same things they've heard from every other jack-wagon that thinks a microphone without a plan or personality works. Seriously. The world has enough.

You do NOT want to start another boring "Daily Real Estate Vlog." Daily Vlogs are a huge waste of your valuable time. Plus, let's be honest, they're super boring. Especially if you're one of those people that have outsourced this to generic company. Marketing that applies to everyone, applies to no one.

You definitely DON'T want to go on Facebook LIVE either. Live Streaming can KILL your business. Ironic isn't it? But also very true!

What you really want to do is...PUT ON A SHOW!!!

Don't just podcast. Don't just vlog. Don't just blog, Snapchat, YouTube, InstagramTweet, Twitch or livestream. Look, don't even just send ineffective, outdated generic emails & drip campaigns.

Instead, PUT ON A SHOW!!!

Entertain people. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them gasp. Create something that gets them emotionally involved with your life, with your family, with your team, with your business, and with YOU.

One of the biggest problems I have with current real estate related social media marketing is that people treat it like social media marketing. YAWN! I used to be one of these people. I was taught wrong and it cost me years of valuable time. Time is one of the few things we can't get back folks. Protect it! That's why learning from experts, is the way to go.

Everyone who owns a phone (which is everyone) is walking around just blabbing (blah blah blah blah) into their screens and sending it out into the world. We all know these people. Are you one of them? Does the world really care? Besides your significant other and small children? I say small because once they reach the teenage years they don't care, or see, what you're doing on your social media. Is it something the world wants?

Here is what most marketers don't realize: 
Just because you CAN broadcast something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

You NEED to learn how first!

If you're podcasting, vlogging, YouTubing, Snapchatting, Tweeting, Twitching or livestreaming and you are getting zero results it's because you probably aren't putting on a show!

If you can't get more than a handful of viewers, listeners, subscribers, likes, or shares, it's probably because you aren't creating something that people want to watch, listen to, subscribe to, like or share.

This goes DOUBLE for email! 
(Maybe if your email messages were more entertaining, more than 5% of your list would open them!)

In short, "You ain't puttin' on a show!"


People LOVE shows. They WATCH shows. They want to work with Agents, Lenders and Title folks from great shows that service their need for experience, honesty and insight. They just don't know how to find you!

If you want to master social media, take control of your marketing, get clients and partners reaching out to YOU and learn how-to be the Rock Star of your very own Real Estate Show, click the button below. You know you want to!

Here's What You Get Folks - VIP Membership Includes:
  • The Big Man in Marketing VIP "How to Create Your Own Real Estate Show" Video Course (Access as long as you're a VIP member) - Expert secrets to help you create, plan, produce, and distribute your real estate show. Become a pro in days, not years like it took me. Learn from my mistakes and you shall go far my friends.
  •  ONGOING & UPDATED VIDEOS & BONUS VIDEOS (Access as long as you're a VIP member) - Ongoing special unannounced extras as well as updated videos on the same, or similar, subject matter. Remember, I've got my boots on the ground too and if something changes, or becomes easier, I want you to know about it!
  •  VIP ACCESS to the Big Man in Marketing LIVE Coaching Calls (Access as long as you're a VIP member) - Have your questions answered LIVE by the Big Man in Real Estate, who's still in the trenches along with you. Got to be working in it to know what's going on with it.
  •  EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Big Man in Marketing Private Facebook Group (Access as long as you're a VIP member) -  Meet, mingle with, and learn from other like-minded real estate agents, lenders and title officers as we all build your shows together.
  •  Placement on the Big Man in Marketing Directory - You and your show will find a permanent place of honor on our Big Man Wall of Fame. Awesome way to get noticed. Can you say "Referral Partners"? From all over the country.

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